Family Photography

Hi all,

It’s been a really long time since my last post. Things have been crazy busy, but I have some photos to share with you tonight :). I took these photos of a fellow photographer with his adorable daughter a few weeks ago! Check them out below. Also check out his website here 


Wedding Photography Assignment

It has been a while since my last post! I have been busy doing a lot of shoots and working on my new official website (I will be posting the link soon!). I have lots of new photos to share, starting with this post today. I had to do a wedding photoshoot set up by one of my teachers at Seneca. We had an hour to shoot these 2 wonderful couples in the Downsview United Church last friday. We had a lot of fun, I was a little worried about getting enough photos in only an hour, but we got more than enough to create a 20 page album for the assignment! I am finding myself really enjoying wedding photography, much more than I expected!

2015March13_Wedding_toronto_76752015March13_Wedding_toronto_7642 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_76592015March13_Wedding_toronto_76472015March13_Wedding_toronto_77102015March13_Wedding_toronto_76632015March13_Wedding_toronto_7679 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_76982015March13_Wedding_toronto_7724 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7737 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7742 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7756 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7764 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7768 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7792 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_78202015March13_Wedding_toronto_78212015March13_Wedding_toronto_78072015March13_Wedding_toronto_7848 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_78702015March13_Wedding_toronto_7896 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7903 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7917 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7959 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7978


queen of the cold

Sunday was cold. Really cold. Like the air hurts your face and you don’t know why you left your house cold. But I am very glad I did leave my house! I got to join in on a photoshoot that was a lot of fun! We tried to minimize the amount that we had to be outside, mostly for our models sake haha!! It was definitely worth it as we got some great shots 🙂

Model: Natasha Fisher

Makeup: Pakeeza Hashemi

Hair: Reilly Gray





and some behind the scenes 🙂

check out pictures from the awesome photographer who organized the whole day click here –> Maya Sherwood Photography


A friend of mine from school invited me to join her on a shoot she was doing this past weekend with a model she met on Model Mayhem. I had such a great time, and got some really great photos of this beautiful lady 🙂 It is really awesome meeting other people who are also interested in the industry, and are in this learning process with me, I am so happy I decided to go to Seneca! Sadly after all this outside shooting lately I have gotten a pretty nasty cold and lost my voice, but that just gives me more of an excuse to stay in bed and edit photos 😉 Hope everyone is staying warm and healthy!




Recently I had to do an engagement photoshoot assignment for my Wedding and Event Photography class. I was lucky to photograph two of my awesome friends, who are not actually engaged, but are an adorable couple! We headed to the University of Toronto and shot outside of Hart house, which is gorgeous! It was cold, but these two did an amazing job and we got some awesome shots!


Fruit in the studio

This semester, what I was most excited for was my studio class. So far, we have been learning about speedotron lighting kits and the different type of lighting equipment by photographing boxes painted with middle grey. Not so exciting. But this week we got to use a real subject. Fruit! We were supposed to sketch out how we wanted the photo to look, including where we would position the lights, and how the shadows would fall and then attempt to set up the photos to look that way. This was by far the best and most fun class I’ve had so far! I feel like we have learned so much already! Also, it is awesome how much nicer photos turn out, taking them in the studio with the lighting equipment! I am finding this semester to be very motivational and am really enjoying, pretty much, every class! Here are some of my fruit photos 🙂


Distillery District

I haven’t had a lot of time to explore Toronto since I moved here in June. One of the few places I have visited is the Distillery District. I fell in love with the old brick buildings and streets immediately! I was out with the Canon 24-105mm that I had borrowed from school that day so I took a few pictures 🙂 I can’t wait to get out and explore more of Toronto!