Weekly Photography Challenge: Twist

Recently I have been playing with a trial version of Topaz Labs and loving it!!! My only complaint is how awful my poor computer is. I have had this thing for around 5 years now, and even though it still runs decently well for most things, editing photos causes it to run extremely slow. Add in the fancy plug ins and it can be unbearable at times. In fact, I tried to test out onOne software plug ins and I got an error message that my graphics were not good enough to run it. So sometime this summer it is finally time to get a new computer, until then I have to figure out which one. I know a lot of people say to go for the Macbook Pro Retina, but I am not fully convinced that I want to make the switch to mac especially with such a high price tag. Hopefully I can find a PC that would be just as good! Any suggestions?

Anyway the point of this post is this photo that makes me think of a “twist“. I remember as a kid I used to always sit on a swing and twist the chains and so that when I let go it would spin me around :).



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Weekly Photography Challenge: Grand

I wish I had time to go out and take a new picture for this weekly challenge, but unfortunately I am crazy busy trying to write a toxicology paper on melamine and the toxic effects it had on pets and babies in 2007 and 2008. ( I know I know…. why did I think taking this course was a good idea!) anyways here is a picture that makes me think of Grand 🙂


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

Let there be light!


Light! the most important element of photography…. I still have so much to learn but I love experimenting with different lighting situations 🙂 this picture I actually took using my phone’s flash light app!