Wedding Photography Assignment

It has been a while since my last post! I have been busy doing a lot of shoots and working on my new official website (I will be posting the link soon!). I have lots of new photos to share, starting with this post today. I had to do a wedding photoshoot set up by one of my teachers at Seneca. We had an hour to shoot these 2 wonderful couples in the Downsview United Church last friday. We had a lot of fun, I was a little worried about getting enough photos in only an hour, but we got more than enough to create a 20 page album for the assignment! I am finding myself really enjoying wedding photography, much more than I expected!

2015March13_Wedding_toronto_76752015March13_Wedding_toronto_7642 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_76592015March13_Wedding_toronto_76472015March13_Wedding_toronto_77102015March13_Wedding_toronto_76632015March13_Wedding_toronto_7679 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_76982015March13_Wedding_toronto_7724 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7737 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7742 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7756 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7764 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7768 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7792 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_78202015March13_Wedding_toronto_78212015March13_Wedding_toronto_78072015March13_Wedding_toronto_7848 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_78702015March13_Wedding_toronto_7896 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7903 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7917 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7959 2015March13_Wedding_toronto_7978



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