25 Strangers

A while ago we had to do a project where we asked 25 strangers if we could take their photo. We needed to demonstrate a common theme in our photographs, and ensure proper exposure by using a white card reading for every lighting condition. I thought this project would be really easy, since this past summer I spent a little bit of time canvassing and was able to stop a lot of people. However, my first attempt near the Eaton Centre failed miserably. It was difficult to get up the courage to ask people if they would let me take their picture. The second day was much easier and I was able to stop some really nice people! I think what I learned the most from this project is that I need to build up more confidence, and not be afraid to ask more of my subjects. For example, I think I would have had stronger photos if I had the courage to ask the people I stopped to stand in front of a specific background or pose in a certain way. Overall though, I think it went pretty well :). Here are some of the wonderful people I photographed:



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