There’s nothing like a great cup of coffee

Coffee. There are little beverages I like less than coffee. However, for this weeks creative photography assignment I needed to take a commercially viable photograph to show that “there’s nothing like a great cup of coffee”. So out to find a fancy coffee shop I went! I asked the barista to make me something that would have a pretty design in it, but I didn’t care what kind of coffee it was. The barista told me I would only have around one minute to actually take the photo before the design would stop being so pretty, so I frantically got out my camera and white card to get ready. I already felt completely ridiculous with all my stuff and no knowledge of coffee but I managed to get a good shot with correct exposure very quickly! Then I went outside with my $6.00 beverage to try and drink it. After sitting for a good 40 minutes the design did not get less pretty haha so my frantic picture taking really wasn’t necessary. I could’t make myself drink the coffee so I apologized and gave it to a guy cleaning up empty tables. I left with a photo that I am happy with and that I think says “there’s nothing like a great cup of coffee”!

So the point of this assignment was to use a shallow depth of field to make a photo that is commercially viable and correctly exposed right out of the camera. I tried using my 50mm with f/1.8, however I found that because of the angle I wanted to use made the whole picture look out of focus. So instead I used the canon 24-100mm f/4 lens that I had borrowed from school (which I loved), and got this shot instead.

disclaimer: this is an edited version of my photo

disclaimer: this is an edited version of my photo


and a little behind the scenes photo while I checked my exposure while attempting to, but failing to drink the expensive coffee!


Behind the scenes 🙂


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