“Yogurt, for people on the go”

The first creative photography assignment for Photography I, was to use motion blur in a photo, demonstrating a product that was for people on the go. It needed to be commercially viable, but had to have correct exposure right out of the camera, and no editing was allowed! This was a tough one for me. Using motion blur in an appealing way in a photograph can be tricky I find. It is not as simple as just having a blurry photo, the motion needs to have a purpose. I also think it is important for the viewer to be able to recognize what is causing the motion, so there isn’t just a blurry blob in the background, which is harder to capture than you might think. So I thought about the idea of the project and realized, I am definitely “a person on the go”, so what is something I find super useful when I am running late, or trying to get somewhere? iögo came to mind right away! I love these drinkable yogurts, so easy to take on the subway on my way to school or work. Thus the concept I used was,  “Yogurt, for people on the go” with the subway demonstrating motion. This is what I came up with.


Disclaimer: This is an edited version of my photo 🙂

I am happy with how the photo came out, however looking at it now there are a few ways I think it could be improved.

1. I think it would be better if the lid was removed and laying next to the bottle on the bench.

2. It might emphasize this yogurt being for people on the go better if there was a person in the background standing up, getting ready to board the subway. However, it’s also possible that this could over complicate the image.

While I was taking the photo a man came up to me and asked if I was taking a music video, I actually stopped to turn to see if he was joking, but he was waiting for a response! I told him I was just taking a picture, but all I could think of was what kind of music video did he think involved iögo and a subway hahah!!! Anyway, what do you think? and how do you think I could have done it better 🙂 ?


One thought on ““Yogurt, for people on the go”

  1. Kayla, I really like the shot. I agree with you, that taking the cap off may of added to the photo, other then that I don’t think I would do anything else. If I was your teacher, I would definitely give you a passing grade on this photo. Great Job.

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