Before and After Friday – Love in the forest

Recently I started following a great blog (Visual Venturing) that has started a community post to showcase pictures before and after they’re edited. I think this is the best idea ever! It gives people a chance to see the editing process of others and for those who share to gain feed back and improve their editing skills! You should really check out the blog!

This week I submitted the photo seen below, which I edited in lightroom 5. I took this as part of some engagement photos I did for a friend (post coming soon!). This was one of my favourite pictures from our shoot, unfortunately we didn’t get to stay at this location for too long because the mosquitoes were particularly vicious that day. I started by cropping  the photo to bring the lovely couple closer to the bottom right corner. I then played with the colours of the photo in the Topaz Restyle plug in (which is really awesome by the way). Then I adjusted the lighting of the photo, increasing the shadows in the right side of the photo and the highlights in the left side of the photo. You can see the before and after below. What do you like/not like about what I did? What would you do differently?



BEFORE - Love in the forest


AFTER - Love in the forest



5 thoughts on “Before and After Friday – Love in the forest

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  2. Hi, Kayla, I like what you’ve done here. The crop of the foreground was a great move, making the couple more important. Still, that bright white cloud in the upper left corner tends to pull one’s eye away just a bit. Have you tried cropping out the left side to a point just before the first very tall tree and then restoring the height:width ratio by cropping out about 20% from the top? That may not be necessary if you have to make a relatively large print. Anyway, nice natural scene and the subtle change from the plugin was a good touch.


  3. Kayla, thanks so much for participating in ABFriday! What a lucky couple to have you to take their photos 🙂 Lovely forest shot. I like that you cropped the photo and brought shadows down on the right. The soft light on the left is very nice too. What do you think about the idea of adding some highlights to the couple as well, to help focus the eye just a bit more on them? Looking forward to more great submissions from you 🙂


  4. Hey! thank you both so much for your comments! I am gonna give both of those things a try 🙂 sorry it has taken me so long to reply, I finally made the big move to Toronto and things have been super hectic since I arrived haha!!


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