playing with light

Hi all! I am very excited about this post today! I have been busy with school lately, spending a lot of stressful nights studying and reading papers on melamine (… a chemical normally used in a lot of plastics, but when mixed with other triazines can be very toxic to animals/humans… in case you were wondering 😉 ). But last weekend I had an amazing experience I am excited to finally share with you! My roommate met some wonderful photographers one night at her work, and helped them out with a photo shoot they were doing. She enjoyed talking with them a lot and eventually made plans with them to have a portrait done for her parents for Christmas. Thankfully she is an amazing friend and mentioned that I am interested in photography and they invited me to come and take some pictures with them. WELLLLL let me tell you, it was the most fun I have had in a long time (and that is not because my life is lacking fun…this was just awesome). The lighting equipment I got to play with was phenomenal and we had so much fun taking pictures of our model (my beautiful roommate of course). I learned a lot about working with flash which, if you have read my post Have no fear, you know is exciting! I cannot thank them enough, I am so excited to keep on learning and growing in photography. Although there are people who have tried to discourage me from pursuing this goal, it makes me too happy and I have no intention of listening to them any time soon 🙂

get ready… she is really pretty!

isn’t she beautiful!!! now some behind the scene shots I got 🙂

behind the ring light

Behind the scenes

Let me know what you think of these pictures in the comments I would really appreciate it 🙂 and take some time to check out Pnr Fotoworks and The Photowitch !


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