Back to the beginning

I first took the plunge into photography about 1 year ago, when I was in a pretty crappy state doing a lot of “finding myself”…as cliche as that sounds. I decided one day I wanted to buy a camera (Canon Rebel T3i) but I never could have realized what a life changing decision that was. I started off like any other new photographer playing with the auto settings but very quickly started spending hours reading online, and buying books and switched to the manual shooting modes very quickly. I made all of my friends pose for me (especially one of my roommates) and my poor cat Ion became no longer my cuddly pet but my favourite model whom I would follow around while shoving my camera in his little face. Next came trying out some photo editing. I know there are a lot of people out there who only believe in pictures straight out of the camera, but I personally love editing photos, manipulating the colours and lighting to give them more depth and feeling is just as important to me as getting a good composition. Not to say that I think a bad photo can be fixed with photoshop, I just think a great photo can be made even better with a little work. Editing to me is very relaxing, I could honestly sit in front of my computer all day and edit away if my busy life allowed for that!

I continued to teach myself more and more and take pictures of everything I could think of, and slowly photography really started to better my life. It seems like such an unimportant thing to people, taking a picture of something, but in someway it helped me to express myself and understand myself better and through this I have grown to be a more confident and happy person. I still have a lot of learning and growing to do in my life, but I know that photography will always be a big part of it and I look forward to seeing where I can go with it.

I’d love to learn how you guys got into photography and what it means to you !!??


All that being said… here are some of my earlier pictures 🙂


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