Happy Thanksgiving

Hi all!!! Finally, here is my first post! I eventually will post some of my older work for you when I get some time, but for now, I have some pictures that I took over thanksgiving weekend.

This weekend was really exciting because I got to go home and have Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s new house with my family. My mom has been moving around for a while and finally she has gotten some luck and found a great spot. It has a lot of space for her to do gardening and play with her dogs outside. This Thanksgiving was one of the best trips home I have had in a while and it was great to see things going well for everyone!

I wasn’t able to really convince anyone to be in any photos, but I did tell everyone my decision about moving to Toronto for photography school and everyone seemed on board with the idea! Of course I couldn’t pass up on such a beautiful day for some photography fun so here are my pictures from the weekend 🙂


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